JDXI + Ableton send cc messages

Ive been successfully using the OT to change the presets on the JDXI but i would like to do the same in ableton and i cannot get it to work.

Help would be appreciated I am in latest version on PC

Based on the midi imp chart this is what I do:


Set CC1 control number to 0 = MSB
Set CC2 control number to 32 = LSB
Set CC1 Value to 85
Set CC2 value to value in chart corresponding to lsb for the bank number 064=A-B, 065=C-D, 00=E-F, 01=G-H
Then send the program number:
001 to 064 = A or C patches
065 to 128 = B or D patches... and so on


PB21 1 year ago | 0 comments

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