Issues with Video Playback in Ableton 9 Suite

I'm experiencing issues with video playback in Ableton 9 since switching to a new 15" MacBook Pro (Version 10.9.3 - Mavericks - 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16 GB RAM - Intel Iris Pro).

The video seems choppy and stuttery, like the data rate is too slow. Playing back in 640x480 but have compressed to other sizes/codecs as well - nothing seems to work. Have also tried playback with the pluggin Vizzable 2.1 in Max for Live and am experiencing the same issue.

I do live looping / triggering prerecorded samples as the video is being projected (live music to silent film). Video is never more than 5 minutes in length.

This was never an issue when I used Ableton 8 on my old MacBook Pro but unfortunately my old computer's motherboard fried so that's not an option.

Anyone else who uses a newer system with Maverick's experiencing this issue and if so, what have you discovered? Not sure what to try next. Love using Ableton, using Vizzable through Max for Live would be even better. Any suggestions?

Many Thanks! : )



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  • mcbpete
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    When looking at Vizzable tutorials they seem to recommend using Quicktime .mov files using the photo jpeg compression at about 75% quality. This can be done with something like the free software HandBrake (works on mac and windows) to transcode your existing video files

    Not sure why it's started causing problems since your update to Ableton9 though?!

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