Issues with Looper playback when midi controlled in Session View

I'm having issues with the looper where if I record anything larger than an 8 bar loop... it skips entire bars of the loop... I should also mention that this is only if I use midi to start and stop the looper... if I do it manually it has no issues... 

For example... I've played a 12 bar loop and it's playing back through the first 4 and then skips to the last two... and repeats that way...

My Settings are as follows:

Quantization: NONE
Record: X BARS (then play)
Song Control: NONE
Tempo Control: Follow Song Tempo
Speed: 0.00
Reverse: OFF
Feedback: 100%
input -> Output: Always

I was operating with 0 issues what so ever and then out of nowhere it just started not working... 

halp! :(

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aaronjamesandtheblackwater 9 months ago | 0 comments

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