Is there anyone out there that arrives at the party and click the live icon and start to play with a new live set from scratch? If there is somebody...I'm curios to know how he works!

 If there is somebody...I'm curios to know how he works!


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    I don't really see the use of just using tracks with the same tempo; if you have a library of dj-tracks, all you have to do is warp all of those tracks (before you play them in a club!) to get the tempo right in Live. When you save this warp information with each track (bottom left of the screen, in the sample settings, hit "save" after warping) you can play these tracks in any liveset (as long as the tempo-difference isn't too big of course).

    Live will automatically adjust the tempo of these loaded tracks to that of the project.

    You can also change this tempo during a set and all the tracks will be adjusted to this tempo. So all you have to do is load the tracks you want to use, and trigger them to start mixing.



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    i do it all the time...setting up ableton beforehand is key

    one of the things that you want to try to do is make sure that songs have similar tempos... i found this was a lot easier when i first started to do i usually set up a playlist in itunes by tempos...

    also before the set i will have some effect racks set up so i can drop them in on the dj tracks...then i make sure that two channels are set up A-B and have the crossfader on in the master channel.  I also set up a channel that i use as a scratch track to put songs that might work or not while actually in the can also be used to store samples

    The last thing to set up is your monitor set up so you can hear in the headphones what songs will sound like.. depending on your audio interface it might be different so you should look that up elsewhere or ask another question in the forum.


    you are now ready to play...grab a track from your library and put it in one of your dj channels... This Is Very Important- make sure you find your the 1st prominent beat that you want ableton to loop from...then hit warp from here .... i will then find a four bar loop near the beginning and loop that section .  I then will take that same song and duplicate it and and have it unlooped so it plays from that position to the end of the song.  

    Adding the second track and I usually repeat the same process until I am ready to mix in...if the song playing has a great place to loop near the end loop it and there you go...


    i hope this helps...

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