Is there any way to quickly import multiple MIDI clips into Session View?

Hi Ableton users,


This may sound like a very simple issue, but I've been using Ableton for a few years now and consider myself pretty knowledgeable. However, there's still one simple action I haven't quite understood yet: why can't I drag & drop multiple MIDI clips from the browser into one track? 

When I start a project, I like to create a Live Set containing every single sound or loops that I might use or that might inspire me for that project. Therefore, I like to browse my Packs and select some clips I like and drag them into the project. Sometimes, there are multiple clips in a row I want to add but somehow when I try to drag them into a track I can't. If I press Enter they will be added unto separate tracks.


Is there any method I should know of?




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    When I try the same thing, it loads all the selected clips/loops into the same channel. From the Live browser (select multiple with mouse and drag), and when using drag/drop directly from another location. When you use the Ctrl button while dragging, it, Live will put every clip/loop in a separate channel.

    Make sure the selected clips are all the same file type. all midi or all audio. Otherwise it won't work, obviously.



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