Is there any way to have Push play the selected track regardless of the track MIDI assignment?

Hi, I am trying to integrate Live into my eurorack based hardware setup, to fill in the gaps. I use a Cirklon MIDI sequencer to do all my sequencing so am only using Live as an Audio Unit host. I have several tacks setup each with the MIDI routed from one of the Cirklons USB MIDI channel outs and controlling an Audio Unit (virtual 909, 303, Jupitor that sort of thing). What I want to be able to do is use Push to control various parameters (which it does) and allow me to audition and play the instrument (which it doesn't). As far as I can see the Push still needs to be assigned to the tracks MIDI input to use the pads (or use All Ins which would still mess up the Cirklons ability to play specific tracks).
Does anyone know of a way of doing this?
Is there a Push setting that will allow it to play the active track regardless of the tracks MIDI input settings?
I was looking at something like MidiPipe as a possible solution, does anyone have experience with this and think it might make it possible?
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    Turns out this is really simple I was just trying to make things complicated. All you need to do is leave Push to do its thing on All Ins and setup a load of separate MIDI tracks for the Cirklon. You can route MIDI tracks directly to the Audio Unit on any other track.

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