Is there a way to see what Ableton version a Live Set or Project used?

I am in the middle of a project and Window 10 crashed hard.  I needed to reinstall the OS. The problem is I don't know what version of live I was using.  

I didn't upgrade to live 9.5 in the middle of the project because there is some differences and tonal changes with the new warping algorithms and stuff.  I spent hours mixing these songs and wanted to reinstall the exact version I was using.  I think I was using live 9.2 or something.  Is there a way to tell what version I was using from the project or live set file?



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    If it just a couple of projects in question, inspect the "Project8_1.cfg" under "Ableton Project Info", inside your main project folder.

    Make a backup copy first by doing copy-and-paste on the file object 

    Then open in it Notepad, and look at the last dozen bytes or so, they should contain an exact version.



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