Is there a way to MIDI map to an Ableton knob to raise or lower it in discrete increments (e.g. half steps)?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to map a MIDI control surface to a knob or slider in Ableton to raise or lower it in discrete increments. Specifically what I want to do is map a control surface to the Speed knob in Ableton's looper so I can raise or lower the speed by half steps. I can raise or lower it by octaves mapping to the arrows to the left of the knob, but I don't see anything similar for any other interval. Would also be cool to be able to do this on the Audiowish Octave Shifter 2 plugin I have. And icing on the cake would be to do this at an interval of my choosing, so for example I could make the pitch jump up or down by major thirds with a single button press (or knob turn, but without passing through the intermediate intervals). At the most basic level, I'd like to be able to do what I can do by navigating to the Looper, focusing on the Speed knob, and using the up and down (or left and right) arrows on the keyboard to raise or lower the pitch by a half step, except without using the mouse/trackpad. Control surfaces at my disposal: SoftStep (generation 1) and Novation Launch Control XL, not to mention the computer keyboard.

Jeff, running Ableton Suite 9 on a MacBook Pro

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