Is there a way to enable EQ8's Stereo A/B ?!

inside the EQ8 there are many great modes such as the Mid/Side and the L/R where you can choose which mode are you in while working, and in the stereo mode there is A/B which is always grayed out. is there a way to enable is to work so i could check different EQs?



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  • garyboozy
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    that caught me out too when i first started using Live - i thought it was an A/B Comparison mode. but it turns out that there is no A/B mode as such. all the A/B button does is tell you which channel you will be editing when in L/R or M/S mode. in normal stereo mode it has no effect.

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  • [mlp] Ableton staff
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    For what it's worth, you can easily A/B two EQ8 settings like so:

    • Drop an Audio Effect Rack into the track you want to process
    • Create two chains, and put an EQ8 into each
    • In the Chain List view, make the zone for each chain cover 1 and 2, respectively 
    • Ctrl-click the Chain Select Ruler above the chain zones and map it to macro 1
    • Enable Map Mode and set the min/max values of the Chain Selector to 0/1, respectively
    • Now you can quickly toggle between both EQ8s by moving the macro knob left and right

    If you've never used chain zones before, you may want to watch Dennis DeSantis' video on creating dry/wet controls to see how they work.

    Hope this is helpful!

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  • gdomusic
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    Key mapping is quite easy.

    • Drop in two EQ8s on your track and set them each up how you like
    • turn one of the EQs off
    • enter key map mode (command k)
    • assign the on/off switches of both EQ8s to a single key, say q for example.

    Now with a single keystroke, you can A/B your effects.

    Personally, I like to key map the on/off of a limiter or other mastering processing in the master channel. It allows me to mix without processing and to quickly check my decisions with the limiter/processing applied.

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