Is there a way to block all pitchbend data from a controller?

I'm using guitar to Midi conversion (groan!) and in the past have found it helpful to block all transmitted Midi pitchbend data from the controller rather than use up all of my processor power with extraneous bending; it's also pretty rand and messy I'm afraid.  I know what you're gonna say; my controller should allow that.  Should is the operative word; the Roland VG-99 permits data thinning but not completely shutting off the Midi pitch bend data transmission.  I really need to have it completely off to get the effect I'm looking for.

I know that there is a way to shut off pitch bend for each separate patch, but when I'm working with layers--or when I'd like to be able to turn PB on or off depending on whether I'm using the 99 or a keyboard--it seems like a Midi effect (maybe from MAX?) would be the way to go.  Anybody got any ideas how to do this?




danielleoh 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • danielleoh
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    Found something on the Max forum called PK's Midi Tool that totally does the trick.  It's unusual for a guitarist to want less pitch bend, but the biggest issue with every guitar to Midi converter I've used is that when you release a note with your left hand it transmits a ton of downward pitch bend data.  Annoying; nice to be rid of it!

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  • Jesse Ableton staff
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