Is there a way to avoid "jumps" in fader values when changing banks

I have a Novation ReMote61 SL in which one bank controls one softsynth and a second bank controls another softsynth.  The faders control things like volume, effects amount, etc.  When I switch from one bank to the other here is the problem:  In bank 1, I change the volume of synth "a"  (say to 80%) ....then I switch banks and change the volume of synth "b" to 20%.  When I switch back to the first bank, if I try to adjust the volume of synth "a", it jumps to 20% as soon as I touch the fader.  I have tried setting the takeover mode to pickup and also to value scaling, but neither approach changes the behavior.  Both approaches work if I use the mouse to change the value, and then resume using the mapped fader.  But if I switch banks...not working!   Does anyone have an idea to help me with this?    


gabriels 4 years ago | 0 comments

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