Is there a way to automatically remove unwanted/unused recordings within my projects' "Samples" folder?

I only just realised that when I delete a recording in my project it doesn't actually delete the file. Now I have a million projects with heaps of unused and unwanted recordings within them, although I don't want to manually go through all my projects to see which ones have been used to then delete the extraneous ones.

Would be a nice feature to have a delete/keep file confirm dialog pop-up when you remove a recording from your project, akin to something like in Logic! If there is a setting to make it automatically either delete or keep the file without the dialog, that would be great too.

Is there possibly some kind of clean-up application or plugin specifically to automate this process?


scheurbert 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Mark One
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    You can perform this task in the File Management window. You first need to load up each Project by opening a Set within that Project, then go to 'File', 'Manage Files'. In the window you'll be given the option of managing set, project or library. If you choose project Live will scan all the files and their use within that project (collection of sets). From here it is self explanatory and you can use the section 'Unused Files' to examine, edit and delete all the files which are not used.

    One word of warning however is that if you have used these same files in other projects then they will no longer be available. The work around for this is to go into each set that you want to keep and in 'File' click on 'Collect All and save' this will ensure all files used within that set are saved within the det folder structure. This way you can use the delete unused files option as explained and safely delete anything not used.


    6 years ago | 2 comments
  • edgessey
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    [Not an answer - I also want an answer] This sounds like an enormous undertaking to clean up unused samples and de-dupe hundreds of projects.  I'm wondering if anyone has tried to script anything like this.

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  • Mylander
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    save a new file then collect and save. only used files are collected.

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  • RistoMilner
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    You first need to load up each Project by opening a Set within that Project," . What does that even mean?

    1 year ago | 1 comment
  • Muzykatorium
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    there must be better way than opening all the projects, Ableton Team? Maybe option like 'delete all unused files from all the projects?" please

    4 months ago | 0 comments
  • cygnal
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    First, understand that Ableton never deletes any files, unless you specifically tell it to. This does not include regular operations within a set.

    Second, sets are not aware of "unused" files. Only Projects are aware of unused files.

    Third, and this is a wild guess, try manually moving all the sets into an empty folder, then, save one of the sets into the same folder (overwrite), and then try to see if the "Manage Project" system recognizes other sets' unused files.


    4 months ago | 0 comments

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