Is there a way i can play two clips at the same time (on the same track)?

I would like to play two or more clips at the same time on my APC40.  I would like to build up a track (say kick, snare etc.).  To me it would make sense if some sounds could be fired from the same track.


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    It's not possible to have two clips play at the same time on a single track. 

    By the sound of things using a group track should help you get the flexibility and control you want. Create a kick and a snare track, and then group them. You'll have the ability to trigger them together or individually, you'll also have the same flexibility with applying effects.
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  • saxman420
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    Are you using an audio channel or a midi channel with a percussion plugin?  If you are using a midi controller to manipulate a plugin, you could start a loop by just playing the kick.  If the "overdub" feature is turned on, located in the top center of your transport, you can add parts in gradually.  For example, start a two bar loop and just play kick.  When the loop cycles, you will hear just the kick.  The next time the loop cycles you could begin playing snare hits without needing to activate the record feature again.  Just play the snare hits and when the loop cycles again, you will hear both kick and snare.  Just repeat this process and your loop will continue to grow as big as you want it to based on your computer's abilities.

    Hope this helps!




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