Is there a "Solo Safe" feature in Ableton?

This is a crucial feature for mixing. I see an option for "Solo in Place" but it doesn't work like you would expect. 


I basically need the option to have a track that is always playing, regardless of what specific track I am soloing at the moment. For example, I mix using Analog Summing so I have to create a track that is essentially my new Master track and thus always needs to be active but since there is no option to Solo Safe I constantly have to go back to that and solo it ALONG with the track I am trying to work on. 

There are many other uses for this feature so I would be SHOCKED if the boys at Ableton haven't figured this one out yet. This is very professional feature, not having it may make some look at Ableton as not worthy for mixing.


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  • Carlosnik
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    I used to apply a Value of 64 - 127 Midi to my UC33e controller buttons, then i was able to turn on Solo Tracks one by one. At the same time there was not chance of getting all the tracks back to normal at the same time when i disabled the Solo of each track.

    But, in this case it works for you, for the function that is present in Logic.

    You will be able to keep your pre master always on, no matter whats going on.

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  • hmj
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    Yet another missing feature that shows the Ableton neglect for professional mixing. We all love Live and know it's the best but these big studios and mix engineers will never respect this program while Ableton developers continue to ignore these VERY important features. 

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  • MarcoAntonio
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    Solo safe is possible with a workaround trick I found. Just drop a 3rd party compressor on the track u want to solo safe (I use fab filter pro c for this). this compressor has to have the option to accept external side chain. Now route a return track you won't use into that compressor side chain input. Now the track which contains the compressor is in solo safe!

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  • warper
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    hey guys... maybe i´m a fool... but, why do you not using the "Strg"-Key (PC) while  pressing the solo-button??? With "Strg" (PC) you can get ANY combination of solo-mode you need...(i think)


    ...interested of your answer...

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