Is there a "snap to played note" feature in session view piano roll?

I am having a frustrating time with Ableton in piano roll in session view. 

It is completely my fault for not being a better keyboardist, but I have a heck of a time finding what note I am playing in the piano roll with the default piano roll view.

Yes, the note should light up when played, but for some reason if I am scrolling the piano roll up or down while playing the note, the highlighting does not appear on the key being played (maybe a problem with my skin?) so I can't easily find the note.  If I let go of scroll, then the key lights up fine.

The only workarounds I have found are to stretch the piano roll halfway up the screen so I can see a lot more of the keys at once and not scroll up and down, OR I can hit the "fold" button which displays all the key designations C1, D3, E0 etc., but then that view collapses to only the keys that have notes playing on them, while hiding all the others.

These two feature can get me where I need to go, but what I would really like is if the piano roll would just follow the notes played in real time, or pick the average note in the case of a chord so the view is always centered on what I am playing, so I can see exactly what I'm doing without a lot of monkeying around with the zoom options or scrolling, and without using fold.

Is there some kind of hot-key center the view on what I am playing?

If not, I'm going to submit a feature request!  =)




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    put a key midi plug in and play with that. 

    And if you are serious about music learn some theory.  It took me six months in college to get a basis for composition.

    I recommend reggae music to hear the I-IV-V relationship in major and minor, the best ear training ever.

    But if you can't dedicate to music stay a DJ.

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