Is the Fusion Drive okay for audio production?

I'm buying a Mac Mini to use in my home studio and am wondering if getting the Fusion Drive is a good idea. I don't want to install an SSD drive myself so it seems like the 1TB Fusion is the best deal for a stock drive from Apple. Does anyone have any real world experience using one with Ableton? I can't find any answers on the web with someone that's actually used on for audio production.


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    I haven't used it but as a tech I can tell you that you will have no issues at all. Its tech thats been around and used for quite a long while. Nothing wierd or magical at all in the same way Raid works fine it's seen as 1 drive and is all handled at a very low level of the OS.  Fusion is just Apples name for it. I have a 500gb drive with 4gb of flash embedded in it from Segate and it works perfect with live. The Fusion drive has a huge amount of Flash memory as part of the drive. I also have a macbook air which is all flash ram no hard drive so to speak and runs live on that perfect as well. So you can be confident it'll work fine. Software has no interaction or anything it does or sees thats different. Old software or new is all the same too it.

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