Is my novation launchpad compatible with the new software?

I just bought my novation launchpad mk. (March 20, 2016) at first it was doing fine. Working well. But after a day, it begun to have the same problem as this guy has
I already brought my launchpad back to where i bought it for a replacement of the same thing. When i tried it, its still doing the same problem.

I have the latest software of ableton ofcourse because ibjust bought it like 2 days ago.

Here's another. When i click the drumrack, there will be a section on the bottom right of the ableton's window that will pop up, that will represent the sounds that you would place on them, and will be the same buttons on the 4x4 bottom left part of my launchpad. Its not working. As im pressing the pads, its showing a different buttons on the screen.

Please help

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Walter0330 2 years ago | 0 comments

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