is max for live only for developers?

it looks kinda cool but i'm not a developer and it seems hard to learn all this stuff.

any reason to buy this product?

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  • Dennis DeSantis Ableton staff
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    Even if you're not a developer, the work that the community of developers is doing might be interesting to you.  For example:

    • the factory content that comes with Max for Live includes tons of instruments, audio effects and MIDI effects. All of these are ready to go, and don't require any programming. Many of them provide functionality unlike anything you'll find in Live's native devices.
    • is an ever-growing online user community and Max for Live device repository.
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  • nebulae
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    I used to have the same concerns, mainly because I'm not a tweaker. I just want my tools so I can make music, and I feared that getting M4L would lead to endless frustrating hours of tool-building and not music-making. 

    What I've come to realize is that the existing tools that come with M4L are some of the most forward-thinking and bizarrely unusual things available on the DAW market. Henke's granulator alone is worth the price. As is Kapture, if you perform live. The LFOs are entirely usable, creating wonderful sounds that are unlike anything else out there.

    Think of it this way: You can spend $300 getting a VA synth, or a reverb, or a high end compressor. Or you can get a whole tool set that will create entirely other world sounds that no one has or can create. And if you choose to customize or build your own, that option is available when you're ready. For me, that was a good reason to buy it, especially with the 8.2 update and all the building blocks now included.

    There's no requirement that you have to be a M4L guru. I'm certainly not. But I can now use building blocks to really unleash the power of Live. Stick an Animator in front of Operator and watch it fly!

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  • ShelLuser
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    When it comes to Max for Live its very important to try before you buy. Yes it can be appealing and usable as an end-user, but it can also cause frustration because there are still plenty of Max devices ('patches') which have issues still.

    While the community is perfectly willing to help out it is still something to keep in mind.

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  • Warrior Bob
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    Don't think of it as a programming language, think of it as a really granular modular synthesizer that can do more than just make cool noises.  No "development" necessary, but there's definitely programming to do if you want to.    

    You don't have to be a developer to enjoy it.  However, whether or not you should buy it is entirely up to you:

    • Are you lacking something in your toolset that M4L offers?
    • Do you think it's cool and just merely want it?  Is it interesting to you?
    • Do you want access to the tools that people have made for it?  This is akin to using presets on plug-ins.  There's great stuff that people have made and you don't necessarily have to program it yourself.
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