Is Live 9 going to have better freezing of tracks?

I haven't seen this on the videos, does anyone know if Live 9 will allow

- freezing of sidechained tracks?

- converting a midi track to audio on the same track with ONE command?


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    1: Your question is a direct contradiction to the process of sidechain compression or freezing. It would be the same like saying "I would like to continue our conversation, but at the same time hang up the phone..." One excludes the other by default. In order to talk, the line must be open- and before you hang up the phone you should first finish the conversation =shut off the sidechain communication from one channel to the next.

    2:You can actually already convert midi to audio in 1 action in live 8, by just dragging you midi clip to an audio channel. Here's a very easy tutorial:

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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