Is LatencyMon and DPC checker data reliable?


I came across several posts where users suggested that Latency mon can be used to identify issues with drivers causing latency problems. I found ACPI.sys and having trying to solve the issue but to no avail. My question here is that is the data reported from these tools really means that there is an issue? I cannot feel much latency while working on projects.I tried the bench marking test in the forum and saw similar results as others.


Wanted to know from users if I should rely on these tests

Latency mon metrics

interrupt to process latency - 150 to 600

highest measured - 1144

Highest ISR - 233(wdf01000.sys)

Highest DPC - 1188 (ACPI.sys)

Highest reported hard page faults - 53273. Its RED


shrekage 1 year ago | 0 comments

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