Is it possible to toggle a cue on a track?

In this post, I had asked whether it was possible to toggle a cue on a track, but the answer I got was a reference on how to use the cue button.

What I want is the ability to toggle the cue button, such that clicking it, turns the cue on and off.  Currently if I click the button, it selects the cue on that track, and disables the cue on all the other tracks.  I can cue several tracks if they are adjacent to each other, but the problem is, in a DJ context, I have more than 8 tracks that I work with, so using the cue in this way doesn't work.

How do I tell Push (or Live) to just turn the cue on/off rather than disabling it on all tracks?  If it's no way, how do I request that feature be added to Push and/or Live?


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ianj_alberta 3 years ago | 0 comments

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