Is it possible to sync the APC40 to CDJ's 1000 mk3 making it poss to bounce from djing to playing a live set?

I'd like to know if poss to have Ableton running using the APC40 and have them sync'd with Pioneer CDJ's 1000 mk3?


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  • Near Earth Object
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    That would be possible if the CDJ's send a midi clock signal, but I don't think they do....

    You would however be able to sync the CDJ to ableton if you use it to control software like Traktor via timecode cd's. Traktor has midi clock settings, and can be synced to Live.

    Here's how to do that;



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  • pulsedjs
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    Thanks for the info, really helpfull!! I have since done research an now Im torn between Serato SL4 or Tracktor? Bareing in mind that Serato linked with Ableton to design the software. mmmm? Thanks again for your input. 

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