Is it possible to split multiple voices (Operator) across a MIDI keyboard?

I have two different Operator patches that I would like to play simultaneously in a live setting, and I'm curious if it's possible to split them across the range of a MIDI keyboard. Is it possible to dedicate MIDI notes from C1 to C3 to one preset, and the notes from C3 to C6 to another? I hope it is!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 


Eriatarkan 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • DannySolstice
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    create new midi track> insert a blank instrument rack> drag your operators in (two or more of them, whatever your needs are)> press the key button and you should see piano roll scale. Now you should see 2 bars in each of the rows for operator modules that are used.  now drag those to whatever key ranges you are wanting to use. NOW! here comes the fun part. say you have sampler hooked up right. you can drop in multiple sample files in and by selecting the instrument in the manor going over to the scale right clicking and selecting distribute equally you now should have all of your samples spread across your midi keys. hope this is what your were asking and i hope i wasn't to confusing, but once you get it you'll love it!

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