Is it possible to set the value of the cc pitch bend in the midi editor to a chromatic scale


does anyone know if it is possible to change the values into a chromatic scale?

So that I know exactly to what note I´m pitching too?

For example:

I set my Virus Synth to pitchbend +2 and -12,

so when I´m drawing in the editor all the way down, it is the full octave,

but what if, I´d want to make 3 steps, say starting from C, going down to G to E,

I only have numbers which makes it inconvenient to deal with it.

I hope I made clear what I´m looking for.

Thanks for help!!!!





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    I'm still searching for an aswere here, so if anyone can help?

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    You're not the only one - have you found an answer?

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    I would love to know the answer to this question!  Please ableton gurus!!!

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  • JamesMiles
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    This can be done with some basic mathematics.

    Because the scale of the pitchbend is dictated by the instrument, the pitch centre will be at a different MIDI CC value when the pitchbend range changes.  When the pitchbend range is set to -12/+2, you get 2 semitones of pitch increase for 8192 steps of Pitchbend.  And for pitch down, you would get 12 semi tones of pitch decrease for the same 8192 steps of MIDI pitch bend data.

    So mapping out a chromatic scale with pitch bend range set to 12 semitones would be basically 8192 divided by 12... which is 682.6666666666666.  So if you drew in steps at -8192, -7509, -6827, -6144, -5461, -4779, -4096, -3413, -2730, -2048, -1365, -683, 0


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