Is it possible to set Push to control only one track?

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I am setting up a Live Set for performance.
When using Midi controllers or keyboards it is possible to set each device to control a specific track. The great thing about this is that I can continue to select different tracks on Live without changing the instrument that the controller is related to.

However, with Push, the device always updates to play whatever track is selected on Live. For example, what i'd like to do is tell Push to only display the Drum Rack regardless of what track is selected on Live. Is this possible?

As a side note, I am aware that I can change the Preferences and the Midi input so that Push does act purely as a controller, however it lacks the visual feedback of the pad lights etc.

Thanks for your help!

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    You should try to open the I/O panel in the session mode (may be more visible) than look for "MIDI from" section and instead of "All Ins" set it to : Push

    But it should be better to try this one

    First : enter the user mode on the right hand side of Push, for the original function to be bypassed. Then in the Main Settings panel of Ableton Live, in the MIDI Sync tab. When Push connected, you must set to "none" the control surface row when push is, and activate at the center MIDI : Track - Sync - Remote (depending of what you want to do)

    Don't forget to map your Push through the MIDI map menu (CMD+M or CTRL+M)

    Hope it helps :)

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