Is it possible to program Push to toggle the cue on a track?

I am trying to set up live for a DJ session in which I need to be able to hear clips before I put them into a mix.  Is there any way to interact with a track's cue button on a control surface like the Push?



ianj_alberta 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • [efl] Ableton staff
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    If your track is in cue mode, you can access the cue buttons on your tracks using Push's "Solo" key:

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  • ianj_alberta
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    Sadly your solution is rather currently useless to me in a DJing context.  The solo buttons work in exclusive mode; meaning, if you click one, all the others are disable.  You can click multiple ones on if they all happen to be on the same window from a Push perspective, but I DJ with more than 8 tracks.

    Is there a way to toggle the cue on/off instead of the behaviour I've described above?

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