Is it possible to pre-hear sounds while playing around with the sequencer in Live with Push?

Hey community!


I am having a fantastic time with my Push 2, but one thing really bothers me.

I want to play around live with different Instruments (an 808, a piano etc.) and when I find a melody/sequence I like, I hit record and it loops on.

Now: So far, when I do this, my 'toying around' with sounds gets put out over the Master Channel. What I want, though, is, that my 'toying around' phase is only heard by me over my headphones (channel 1/2), while as soon as I hit record and play a sequence/melody then, the sound is put out over the Master channel (3/4). That way, anybody that's listening wouldn't need to hear me trying out a number of shitty sounding drums/melodys until I find something nice.


Is this possible? :0 Thanks a lot for your help already!

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ChrisReinhold 2 years ago | 0 comments

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