Is it possible to loop clip automation in Arrangement view with Live 9?

In Ableton 9, it is now possible to record automation envelopes into clips in session view. This is a great new feature. When you copy the clip over to arrangement view, the automation comes with it. Awesome.

However, if you loop that clip in arrangement view, by dragging the right edge of the clip, the clip notes loop but the automation does not. And the clip envelope view in arrangement view does not let you add envelopes for non-MIDI controls. I would love to have clips in arrangement view can that loop automation of device parameters. For instance, a 4-bar synth loop with filter cutoff automation.

This used to be possible in Live 8 - though the clip automation was "relative" rather than absolute.

Is this possible in Live 9? It seems to currently require manually copy/pasting arrangement automation, which is tedious and requires re-copying every time you make an edit to a looped section.


mcslee 2 years ago | 1 comment

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  • BorisGodunov
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    At the moment this is not yet possible.

    The only way to achieve it is indeed to copy-paste the clip in the Arrangement View.

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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