Is it possible to just authorize trial versions? Or do we have to download a 'purchased version'?

If you have a trial version of live 9 already installed and then went on to buy it (download version), do we need to download a 'purchased version' and reinstall a purchased version again?

Also if would we have to download all the packs again? Or can we just reinstall the files that were previously downloaded from when using the trial version. 


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  • Near Earth Object
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    Even if you buy the 'download' version, you still receive an activating code, right? (Have a look at your Live account)
    All you have to do is open the trial version and activate it.
    All the packs and presets that come with the full version are already on your computer.

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  • [daw]
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    When you purchase a license for Live, you need to download the installer from your account page, authorizing the trial version is not possible anymore since Live 9. 

    While this seems like a step backwards, it is actually more consistent now, since every version of Live comes with its dedicated installer. 

    Back with Live 8, it was only the authorization, that defined the version of Live you are using, but this lead to a lot of confusion about the content that got installed, so we tried to make things more consistent with Live 9. 

    Hope this helps, 


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