Is it possible to have Sampler play an entire track from beginning to end without the volume decaying?

Is it possible to have "Sampler" play an entire track from beginning to end without the volume decaying? 


Lamont 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • TheAnt
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    Yes, but I can't think why you would want to. If you play a track in Sampler it isn't warped so it will only play back at its original speed. Can you not just put the track in as an audio track?


    Anyway to get it to play all the way through you need to create a midi clip that is the length of the track. so if it is 5 min track playing at 128bpm

    5 x 128 = 640 beats

    512 / 4 = 160 bars

    Create a 160 bar midi clip and put in a 160 bar note. then it will play all the way through.

    I do suspect that you are trying to do something the wrong way though.

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  • Sepp Ultura
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    In some cases it does make sense to do this. I use an alesis drum pad to trigger samples that exceed the decay time. And with the drum pad it's not possible to hold note lengths.

    Just use the Live Midi Effect "Note Length". You can trigger note lengths up to 60 seconds with one single short hit.

    Of course this does not solve the problem with the entire songs, but should solve Nano25!!'s problem.

    I think to play back entire songs, you can't refrain from setting up midi clips that are long enough.

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  • scottiedo
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    You guys are missing the whole point of Session View.

    Drop your clips into session view. If you want audio to overlap on certain clips, make sure they are in different tracks. Enter MIDI Map Mode. Select the first clip, then hit the MIDI controller you want it mapped to. Repeat.

    Now you can have your clips launch in time with the Metronome, or turn the Global Quantize to none an you have an old school MPC.

    Edit the samples start and end time in the clip view.


    Also, if you end up using Sampler... as a sampler. You need to know how to work an ADSR envelope. If you're using it for amplitude/volume...

    A - Attack: The length of time it takes the sample to reach 100% volume.

    D - Decay: The length of time it takes the volume to reach the S volume.

    S - Sustain: After the attack and decay, this is the volume the sample will play back at while holding the key/pad.

    R - Once the key/pad is released, how long it takes for the sample to reach silence.

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  • Nano25!!
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    I am expering a similar problem. I want to use the Drum Rack like an mpc and trigger a full sample of 20 sec. By a single hit on the pad of my midi akai mpk 25. The concept is working but the volume keeps decaying. The Decay button is set to the lowest of 1.00 cannot be set to 0 ... ?


    Need help please =)

    6 years ago | 1 comment
  • Lamont
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    I'm attempting to create a DJ set without the use of any clips what so ever (no audio clips, no midi clips). All tracks and samples are placed in drum racks and are triggered by midi controllers.  

    It would be an excellent new feature for sampler if it could play an unwarped track all the way through.

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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