Is it possible to have my Mininova on more than one MIDI track in Ableton?

I have a MIDI track and an Audio track open and engaged in order to record my Mininova via MIDI, and have my Mininova Editor plugin engaged on the MIDI track to edit the parameters of the synth, etc. Now, in the same project,  i want to record another track with my Mininova, but when i make another MIDI and Audio track and drag another Mininova Editor plugin to the new MIDI track and open it, it says "Already open". This basically means I can only have one track in each project that uses the Mininova. This doesn't really make sense to me, because obviously it extremely limits the usability of the synth in a DAW environment. I'm sure there's probably a way around this, but I don't really know how to configure everything in order to use the Mininova on more than one track. Help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Mininova has only 2 (L+R) audio outputs and cannot send audio through usb. So you can only record one patch at a time anyway, right?

    So there's no use in having several editor plugins open at the same time. 

    If I'm not mistaken it can't play several patches/presets at the the same time (layered) either. So you can probably send midi from different channels to it, but will always be limited to one editor. Because there's only one patch you can control. Makes sense.

    1 year ago | 1 comment

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