Is it possible to drag and drop multiple live clips ( alc.) onto a midi track?

It is possible to drag single clip to a midi track but not multiples? Midi files can be dragged to midi track in multiples so why not ALC. files?


Crohab 7 years ago | 0 comments

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  • moloko001
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    yes. I would save the clips you want to add later as a bundle by selecting them, and then dragging them into a folder in your File Browser to the left of the program. 

    For example... let's say you have a 2 track project with a DRUM and a LEAD track. Let's say the LEAD track has 5 MIDI clips in it that have slightly different variations on a melody. You want to save the clips and drag ALL 5 into a new project in the future. So here's what you do...

    Your gonna want to select ALL 5 clips in your SESSION VIEW. Then just simply drag them into a FOLDER in your File Browser. After you do this a special type of file is saved and all 5 of the clips will be saved.

    Now all you have to do is start a new Project and then drag the NEWLY CREATED file into a blank MIDI track. All 5 clips will be loaded in order to the track. Viola!!!

    The same can de done with ENTIRE Live Sets. You can literally load an ENTIRE live set into a new Live Set. WOW!!!


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  • shadx312
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    What if you want multiple clips saved individually as alc files instead of a live set? Is that possible?

    7 months ago | 0 comments

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