Is it possible to drag a midi 'loop preview' into an actual track?

Hi, hoping someone out there can help me, i will explain as simply as possible what i'm trying to accomplish.

I would like get some beats going, quickly and easily.

I understand i can drag either drumbeats in .wav or .aif file format from the browser on the left into tracks on the right, and that works fine.

However, now i'm looking in the browser under 'drums', and, for example, i select the Kit-Core 707.adg , which is midi. I drag that .adg file into a midi track, and it doesn't play, as expected, until i take the next step and either add a groove file into the track (.agr), or draw midi patterns myself.

Of course, prior to dragging the Kit Core 707.adg into a midi track, there's an option to preview it, located at the bottom of the browser, the area with the little blue headphone icon on the left and the RAW button on the right. There, a sound file can be observed in the 'loop preview' window, and clicking on it plays a sample of the selected drumbeat, in our case, Kit Core 707.

Is there any way to drag the 'loop preview', exactly as it plays in the browser, into a track? Is the 'loop preview' of the various drum kits a sound file located somewhere in the library, or is Ableton somehow generating the preview otherwise?

I'd like to be able to simply drag the sound i'm hearing from the loop preview into a track, is that possible to do, and if so, how? I've searched everywhere and it seems like such an easy thing to do, i feel like i'm missing something.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, advice or help you can provide.




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  • rich30
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    I know exactly what you mean. Cant believe you cant drop it into a track just to get going,,'on the fly' as they like to say.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    The only way i can think of is to route your cue signal out and back in, if that is possible with your soundcard. You can hear the signal through your headphones/speakers, so you should also be able to record it somehow.

    If i am not mistaken, Live plays preview-loops for instruments and racks that are audio files, so these files should be in your library somewhere. Usually these previews are .ogg files: try searching for that in your library location. 

    The example you are talking about is very very simple though, and you can literally make the exact same loop inside your midi track within 10 seconds. So if nothing works, just do that and freeze/flatten it to get your audio loop.

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  • hilker
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    The loop preview is on your computer, but can't be accessed easily from Ableton's browser, so you'll have to find it using your OS's file browser. See for the location of the Core Library. The 707 loop preview is Core Library/Ableton Folder Info/Previews/Drums/Kit-Core 707.adg.ogg 

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