is it possible to copy an audio or midi region from one live project to another?

it appears it is not possible to open more than one Ableton Live project/song at a time, as it is possible in other DAWs such as Logic Pro, and I have in the past been able to copy/paste audio or midi regions from one song to another with no issue. Does anyone have a workaround or another way of copying the audio regions of an entire track, for example: say you have a lead vocal where you have chopped all the breaths from the main vocal track and moved those audio regions to a new track, and now you'd like to copy BOTH tracks to a NEW sequence/song - is there a way anyone knows how to achieve this in Live?


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  • Ballstein5
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    ok I found an answer to this by simply selecting all the track content you want to copy to the new sequence/song - and this can be multiple tracks also- and just do file->open recent set (or just open live set) .. obviously this closes the current set, but you can now just paste the tracks you copied from the previous song right into the new one. works like a charm. :)

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  • NicN
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    just came here, super late, but for future reference, you can also add the folder that contains your source set to Places, open your destination set, browse through the folder and find the elements of your source set nicely arranged by track. you can either take individual clips or whole tracks, if you take the track, it also contains the track's device settings.

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  • tomspencer
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    also FYI if you go to Options - Preferences - Look/Feel and switch 'Allow Multiple Instances' to 'On', you can open multiple sessions at once (don't go file - open live set; just double-click on the sessions you want to open from your folders)

    1 year ago | 1 comment

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