Is it possible to control the transport using clips or scenes?

Hey everyone.

I'm running a live set in Ableton where I step through the scenes of the set using a MIDI controller. There are two points in the set where I'd like to stop the transport from running, because:

1.  I want to perform a loop in Looper, and then start the clock based on that loop so additional loops can be quantized to the first loop's grid.

2. I want to perform off the clock, then bring in a backing track later which I can then perform quantized loops against.

I can do all this already, but I have to remember to hit a "stop" button at that moment in the set. If I forget to do so, the following loop performances will be ugly and messy on-stage and I'll have to recover. I'd love to just hit my "next scene" button like I always do and have the transport stop at the appropriate moment.

Is this possible? If not, is it possible with Max4Live?


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  • Carlosnik
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    Hello, let me see if I understand you, if you are Launching Scenes, from an APC or Launchpad, you have several Clips on every Track ( Midi / Audio ).  

    If you are trying to "Stop" any sound, you should check every clip either is a Midi or Audio and Disable the Loop function, and you should check de Stop Clip Mark where you think it should be.

    At the Same time, you can arrange Clips Automation to move forward into another BPM or Time Signature. You should check the Options hidden in the Scene Number by clicking the right Mouse button or Control + Click.


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