Is it possible to control mulitple midi tracks seperately with one keyboard controller?

Hi guys,

I am working on improvised live sets that involve me playing multiple instruments and I am hoping I can do this with only one keyboard controller, Akai mpk61 (I have the smaller lpk 25 and mini brute as well but want to keep minibrute free for plying itself).

I always thought that by clicking or selecting each track the controller would automatically control the track that is currently selected, but at the moment it doesnt, the keyboard just keeps on playing the one track independent of which midi track is actually selected. So, I will have rhythm (and more) running and controlled on maschine as a vst and multiple midi instrument tracks on live, which I want to improvise with and loop on the fly, while switching between midi tracks during the set/performance. Does anybody know how to do this? I would also hope to do something similar within Maschine while it is running as a vst I imagine. This is very simple in Maschine, when you select a different sound, the controller automatically switches to play the selected sound.

Sending big time thanks :)


pumpernickle 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • sebprovision
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    There's two things I can think of,

    You must record arm different tracks in order to switch between different sounds, too play the exact same notes on different synths record arm multiple tracks

    Create an instrument track by grouping your first synth, ctrl+g, and adding tracks to the chain, you can then set key ranges for your synths or assign a chain selector to choose different synths on the one channel

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  • Electrodaimon
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    You should press the button to the right (arrangement view) or below (session view) of the solo button to arm the track, then the keyboard should control the right channel.

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