Is it possible to change tempo without affecting the tempo or length of my wav sample?

Hi I'm new to ableton so I'm a bit put off by the warping function at the moment. On my old DAW I would simply adjust the tempo of my track to fit the length and pitch of my sample. But in Ableton I cant seem to do this and the problem is that my sample is not a set number of bars long but instead it begins and ends mid bar. Can someone pleeeease help me pleeease?


Jon Jon 22 1 year ago | 0 comments

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    I would start by getting some more info on the warp options in Live. Because you can stretch and edit anything you want to fit your needs.
    If you want to do it the 'hard way' by changing the project tempo, simply turn off the warp function for that sample.
    But again: dig a little dieper into the warp function and you will never ask for anything else again :-)

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