Is it possible to arm/disarm the same track using different MIDI keys?

Dear friends, 
I wonder if its possible to arm the same track using different midi keys? 
I need to arm and disarm the same midi or voice track with different 
midi keys in different pad banks in my controller.
For example I want arm the voice track with pad bank A, key C.
Then I want to arm the same voice track with pad bank B, key F. 
But as soon as I change the MIDI control setting from pad bank A, 
key C to pad bank B, key F, I loose the initial MIDI control setting of the
track. As it seems I can only use one MIDI control key for each track.
My question again: Is there any way I can use many MIDI control keys for the same track?
Very grateful for your kind help!


pnosim 3 years ago | 0 comments

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