Is Beat Repeat affected by the Global Quantize parameter of the Ableton set?

Specifically, I'm referring to using the Beat Repeat as a triggered effect (as opposed to an automated one) and manually hitting the repeat button to grab chunks of audio and repeat them.

Either I'm going a little mad, or it seems the Global Quantize of the set is directly affecting how audio is grabbed by Beat Repeat; as if the start point is being quantized to the global setting.

I couldn't find anything in the documentation about this phenomenon, so could anyone out there confirm this to be the case?

Is it an intentional feature? A bug? Or am I just becoming a little unhinged after hours of drum programming?



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  • scottiedo
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    Beat repeat and all of it's functions are governed by the settings you give it within the device. global quantize has nothing to do with it. However it is a BPM sensitive device.

    Interval, Offset, Grid and Variation are the parameters determining "the chunks."

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  • BillyBebop1991
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    I know what you mean, I was searching for an answer to that as I'm trying to mimic serato's loop roll with ableton's beat repeat. Loop roll uses only the BPM to measure the slices, no quantization of where you start and stop. This is fine because it makes you practice timing on entry and exit. The problem with beat repeat is it forces your entry and exit based on the bpm and closest fraction of a bar... not entirely a global quantize function but it certainly acts like it... All I wanted to do was repeat the audio at global tempo measured slices!!

    Closest I got was to use my APC40 and midi map the on/off switch of Beat Repeat to a free button, then midi map B.R's Grid amount to a free knob - make sure repeat is on and you've selected insert mode. Entry and exit is as simple as turning the device on/off. Sounds nice in the smaller grid portions but has a strange delay on the larger ones..

    Hope this helps, somebody holler at me if you make a Max device that freely enters/exits the audio flow.

    EDIT: If you add a second knob as the pitch decay it does a cool drop down effect... I love it. Smaller grid fraction + higher decay = pitch drop effect. Larger grid fraction + lower decay = Stepped pitch effect (slow or fast depends on your preference.) Very unique!!

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