Is anyone using 10.8 with any success?

My laptop died and had to purchase new mac with pre installed 10.8. Previously I had been using 10.6.8. Now, none of my midi keyboard work properly. The midi assignment does not work at all on any controller. And I just found out that my printer does not work either. The last straw-now I am thinking of installing 10.6 again- going backwards,but I cannot be buying all new stuff for this mt. lion thing..Any comments are welcome.


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    No problems here...

    A lot of things in OSX are run through "Core" services like a USB Midi keyboard, it works through "CoreMidi". That way it should work all the time wether you run Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion.

    The problem could be related to a setup in Live, first check that you run the latest version and then check your midi port settings, your midi keyboard should show up there. Make sure that you also enable the "remote" button next to you midi controller input if you want to assign knobs to parameters in Live, use Track if you'd like to play notes.

    If you have connected your midi devices via a soundcard or usb to midi box you could also check those manufacturers for updates!

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