is anyone out there still having this issue mapping and saving controllers.. ? This is a joke, I've spent years trying to get this to work.. no userScript does not work, no I dont understand python.

I just wondered if anyone else still had problems mapping controllers. Come on its 2013. Maybe I'm missing something. I have spent years on this and it is/has ruined music production to the point I put it down because I found re-mapping midi control nobs boring.

Here is simply what I want. I want to take lets say an Operator map midi controls to a certain midi controller. then save or script write. (which my UserScript does not update or change) "save current set as default" ... uh yeah that doesnt work. can someone explain why?

Hopefully if I can get this to work I could drag and drop instruments or old tracks once and map the parameters once.

Please someone help me I'll pay.. I only have one life and this is a waste figuring out. This is one of those "I'm smart enough to wrap my head around it, dont want to learn python scripting, tried everything 4-8 times, and am probably missing something" type of tymez.



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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    Please upload specs about computer, verson of ableton you are using, and what exactly you want to control what and the hardware you are using.


    5 years ago | 0 comments

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