Is anyone else using a lot of Melodyne in Live?

I use this plug-in a lot for certain sound design things it does really well, but using this plug-in in Live causes almost all of the crashes I ever have with Live. Is anyone else using this? If so, which platform (PC or Mac) and are you having issues as well? 


billvb 6 years ago | 1 comment

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  • quoke
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    I use Melodyne as a stand-alone app because it's actually easier than using the plug-in. The not-crashing bit is an added bonus. Specific steps:

    1. Record a vocal track in Ableton
    2. In the clip view, click on the sample name (say it's called "Vox Verse 1.wav"). This will switch to the file browser and highlight the file there
    3. Right-click on the file in the file browser and choose "Show in Explorer" (this is on Windows, but I assume there's a similar option on Mac). The file explorer will pop up with the file high-lighted.
    4. Right-click and choose "Open with..." -> "Melodyne" (if you don't have Melodyne in the list, choose other and find it; the next time it will be in the list.
    5. Melodyne opens, asks if it should come up in Bridge, ReWire or "Don't Connect". Choose "Don't Connect".
    6. Do what you want in Melodyne.
    7. Choose "File" -> "Save Audio..." (or control-e in Windows).
    8. Change the params if necessary (default is great for me). Click "Save As..."
    9. Choose a file name (default "Vox Verse 1.melo.wav" is great for me). Click "Save"
    10. Quit Melodyne and tell it not to save when it asks.
    11. Now you're back in Ableton. Drag the new file "Vox Verse 1.melo.wav" from the file browser into the audio image/sample editor at the bottom of the screen.

    That seems like a lot of steps, but it's actually pretty simple 

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  • Kristijonas
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    I like to have lossless undo/refine option, so I considered to use Melodyne Plugin instead of Standalone via ReWire. I had no issues with it so far. I have even recorded multiple tracks at once to multiple Melodyne plugin instances. I simpy press "Transfer" button on every in instance and only than I press Play to begin transfer. Used on 8 tracks with no issues on MacPro 2.8 dual Quad Core Xenon.
    The only thing I don't like in plugin usage is that I can not cut or insert extra time in timeline - Melodyne track does not allow that.
    So, I hope that Melodyne ARA will come to Live in nearest future.

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  • gazo
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    I normally use Melodyne as a standalone application. I bounce any audio I wish to use in Melodyne out. Then import it into Melodyne. Then once I am done pitching, tuning, and time-stretching my audio I export it out and pull it back into Ableton.

    Quite a long winded way, but least don't have any crashes this way.

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  • billvb
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    Hey gazo and quoke,

    Yes, I use Melodyne in standalone mode a lot as well, but it's a drag to have that limitation because you have to choose a processing setting (pitch correction, pitch adjustment, formant adjustment, pitch modulation compression, time, etc,) and you're stuck with those choices once you bring the audio back into Live. I do a lot of sound design work for games (Valve) and Melodyne is a great sound design tool, especially for character voices - but it's the only plugin I use that is so inflexible - everything else can be left 'wet' so we can tweak it or change it, (and actually most everything else is batch-able as well...) and there is a real value to using Melodyne as a plugin in suspension with, say, some Waves plugins and/or Speakerphone, Altiverb, Nektor or Spektron in a truly interactive environment to dial in effects or character voices.

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  • pablorotter
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    Does auto tune integrate better into the DAW? 


    Thanks for the tips....I've hated melodyne maybe now I can use it. 

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  • Ableton Fiend
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    I am having the same problem.  As of yesterday, I was running latest versions of both Melodyne and Ableton 9.  I prefer to use Melodyne as a plug-in (vst in this case).  The plug-in allows for tighter integration and faster project completion.  Even with restarts on EVERY NEW TRACK I edit with Melodyne, it's still faster than the whole stand-alone way of doing things.  It's just incredibly annoying.

    The crashes are absolutely predictable which is why I'm baffled by why this remains an unsolved issue for either of these 2 phenomenal companies.  From the other posts, it looks like it's been a problem for at least a couple of years.  What does it take to fix this?  Can't we just all get along...........

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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