Irregular Sound Waves in "Driver Error Compensation"

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I am trying to set my driver error compensation by following along with the Built-in Lesson. I completely understand the theory and everything seems to be going fine until I press 'record' and the SoundWave made my my Audio Interface is a vastly different shape from the Soundwave made my Ableton.

For the first few milliseconds the Soundwave is a very irregular shape with sharp angles and dead straight lines. After that it smooths out to follow a similar pattern to the wave made my Ableton above.

I am using a Roland EX Duo, and plugging the cable from Input 1 into the headphone Output. However, the cable I am using does not have uniform connectors on both sides: on the Input side the cable has a XLR connector like you would use for microphones etc., and the other side of the cable for Output looks like a regular Headphone Jack, like you would use to plug in your guitar.

Could this be the problem perhaps?

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MacManson 2 years ago | 0 comments

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