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I'm trying to get the whole Touch OSC Live control iphone thing happening, and everything is working but the Live control TO is not showing up in the midi control surfaces list. The installer on that project seems a little sketchy as well, with support saying to move things around, but not being particularly clear on it.

Does this freeware actually work? There aren't a whole lot of updates on their forums in the last year.

Is there an alternative? Seems like a lot of people want to be using this.




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  • Soundtrackband
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    I just solved the problem. Follow the text file to the tee. The hard part is getting the.jar file into your current Live application folder. The weird part is that it goes into a folder called 'uninstaller', and the installer says 'the folder's already in there, you sure you want to overwrite it?' even when there's nothing it's going to overwrite. (or at least nothing visible). That one installer window looks pretty sketchy.

    Live has to be launched after this process is complete, Finally the Live Control To did show in my midi options.

    The rest of the process (which happens earlier), detecting the phone, uploading the templates etc went as described for me.

    Thanks anyway

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  • hello noisy
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    I have a message that says cannot bind to incoming ip/port check your live control network settings? It is in the control surfaces list, it even has a ring round the appropriate tracks, but it cannot bind? Is the IP port the same as my computers IP?

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