internal routing causes audio to stop after recording a clip

I am working on a project with a guitar input to ableton, it is processed by guitar rig.  I then have two other channels that are taking their input from the guitar channel, post mixer so that I can record clips on these channels, whilst keeping the guitar channel available for playing.  So the guitar channel is set to input monitoring.  The guitar clip channels are set to no monitoring, as per usual for this sort of setup.  At first it all seems to work, but at some point, when I record a clip, and then switch it to play mode, no sound comes out.  The clip is playing, I can see the bar counter cycling round, but no audio comes out.  All tracks are set to master for audio output and all other tracks continue to play.  

If I drag the clip to another channel, suddenly I can hear it.  However, drag anything into the guitar clip channel and no sound comes out, although it appears to continue playing.  If I delete the track and make a new one with identical settings it will work as expected and will play the clips, then at some point it will stop passing audio again after I record a new clip.  

I am recording fairly long clips, minimum of 24 bars, although I'd hope this wouldn' cause this behaviour.

I have a run of performances starting in 4 days that depends on this working, so help is really needed.  Thank you

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limitedheadroom 1 year ago | 0 comments

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