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I cant seem to find the answer to my question anywhere.  

I'm currently running Live intro on my iMac and I've just ordered a Launchpad and Live 8 standard with an upgrade to 9.

I was told in the shop that the launchpad comes with a Launchpad edition of live that I can use to upgrade to Live 8 standard, then when 9 is out I can then upgrade to that.

So my question  - Will my live sets, Vst, library etc that Ive been using with Live intro load up in the launchpad edition, then 8 without any hiccups? Do I need to do anything special to get my Maudio Oxygen keyboard going?

Lastly can I simply uninstall the launchpad and Intro installations by dragging them to the trash?  I don't want to loose anything in the process of upgrading!



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    there is actually no need to install the Launchpad Edition in parallel with Live Intro, as Live Intro offers more functionality. The respective upgrade pricing to Live 8 is the same.


    All of your Live Sets created in Live Intro will open fine in Live 8, provided you use the same or a higher subversion of Live 8.


    Hope this helps!

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