Input latency varies from one input to the next - anyone had this problem?

I have a weird audio input latency problem. Wondering if anyone can help me understand what's going on here. 

In simple terms, I have a mic input (input 1) and a stereo line input (inputs 5+6) that play through separate tracks in Live. My mic input for some reason has an insane amount of latency (like 300ms) compared to my line input which is at like 7ms. Of course there are tons of devices here and there but I have replicated the device chains in a brand new set and the problem mysteriously vanishes. (in other words, the same routing, same device chains in an otherwise empty Live set works just fine - equal latency as would be expected.) I have also tried turning off all the devices on the mic track in the original file (my live performance set) and that doesn't change anything either.

My main trouble here is that I am feeding both the line input and the mic input (via a return) to a track where I can record looping audio clips live, and the extreme latency of the mic track is requiring a -300ms delay setting on the loop track to play back in sync with the beat, while the line input track only needs a delay setting of -70ms to sync up.

I am at a loss to explain this. It seems like there is something going on that is out of my control. This is a monster Live set, there are hundreds of devices going on. All I can think of is that something totally unrelated to the mic chain is slowing down the input. But how?

I don't want to dedicate a specific looping track to mic recording, but it's starting to look like I may have to.

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aradder 3 years ago | 0 comments

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