increasing latency during a (recording) session

through the years I've experienced this: you start a sessions with DAW X and audio interface Y and MIDI interface X. You made the best buffer, samplerate etc. settings to have as little audio and/or MIDI latency as possible. I do understand the concept of latency.

However, the one thing I could never solve is the fact that latency tends to *increase* during a session. The only solution for that for me has always been saving the session, rebooting the computer and start freshly with the saved session.

My main question is: what is causing the latency INCREASE during a session? Example: I record let's say an Omnisphere track and play it with an external midi keyboard. After a few recording takes (not adding tracks, but re-recording the same track a few times), latency has clearly increased, so much that I have to reboot. Why? (I am using the newest MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and a MOTU 828X audio interface)
And is rebooting the only "solution" to bring it back to it's "start" latency? Or are there better ways? This puzzles me for years now.


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    10 months and no response :( Bad. Ok, l don't know the answer, but I had the same problem recording a 3-minute track. In the beginning there is no latency at all. After 3 or 4 takes (12 minutes) the latency start to be noticiable, then after 30 minutes it was almost 1 second.

    I am using a Mac Mini with 8 GB and a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 connected via Firewire. I am using all 4 input channels from Saffire and each one is being recorded in a different Ableton track.

    Can't figure out why latency is increasing, but I have a better workaround. When latency starts to beign noticiable, go to Ableton Live preferences ans set the buffer size to a different value, than go back to previous one. And boom. Latency disappears. Don't know why. Does this "clean" the buffer? Is it a bug in Ableton? Don't know. But it works.

    Maybe in a live performance I could do this in between the songs. But I don't know if it happens when I'm not recording a track. I mean, if I just capturing the audio without record the track.

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