In the session view, is there a hotkey to play from the insert marker?

In session view in the MIDI editor, is there a hotkey makes Ableton Live play from the insert marker? I've looked over the hotkey list in the manual and can't figure it out.

I know pressing space plays from start, and shift-space plays from where it stopped, how do you play from the red insert line or where the mouse is?  

I know if I'm in arrangement view, and I press ctrl+space, it'll play from the insert marker.  In session view, the only way I've found to do this is to left click above the notes in the header -- this play from the point you clicked based on the quantization, but it'd be nice to have a hotkey for this.



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    I've found for me that Option + Spacebar will play from the red insert marker. I'm not sure if you have a Mac or Windows, but that worked for me. However I've found that it only starts playing audibly at the next bar, so you have to Option + Spacebar before the bar you want to hear. I wish there was a way to hear it in the middle of a bar too. Hope that makes sense.

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