IN SIMPLER there is a SYNTH that is called Sequence me Where do it get it

I am looking for the simpler instrument that is under Synth. It is called Sequence me.


I would like to find out where i can get it.  


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  • ShelLuser
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    You're talking about presets, not "synths".  You'll find these in your Live library.

    Easiest way to access this is to right click on the preset and use the option "Show in Explorer" (if you're on Windows). I have no idea if such an option is also provided on a Mac.

    From within your library you'll find this preset under:



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  • OscarC
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    Hey bro, I know I updated the version and still wont find that "Sequence Me" under Simpler. I don't even have the synth folder. (I got the full version of ableton suite)

    Why is that? must I install some older "sounds" , I got the 7 legacy too. what else do I need?


    Help very appreciated here. cheers

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  • Rezonator
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    It looks like the contents of your suite aren't fully installed.

    As you find in the user manual, on page 64, it could help if you let Live repair the library. Look up the Library tab under Preferences, and choose "Repair Library". This will take a while...

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